Cold, windy days get me in the mood for classic comfort foods like spaghetti and meatballs. I chose this recipe in particular, from Ina Garten, because I liked that she sauteed the meatballs first in a skillet to give the outer layer a crust, then used the same pan to make the sauce. All the great flavors from the bottom of the pan were incorporated into the red sauce.

I made two changes to the recipe, first being that I used white wine instead of red to deglaze the pan (it was what I had in the house). Also, I added about a tablespoon of white sugar to the sauce because it was a little sour for me.

Yummy accompanied by a potato roll.

Dutch Baby

After we had stuffed ourselves this morning, the bf said, "yummy french toast pancake!" They are actually called Dutch Babies (Dutch as in Deutsche = German Pancakes) and I hadn't ever heard of them before seeing this post on

It was surprisingly easy and fast to make. This is good since I have a general phobia against all recipes involving doughs. But this recipe creates more of a batter than a dough. So I mixed all the ingredients together and threw the pan and butter in the preheating oven, jumped in the shower, then came back in 30 mins and poured the batter in the buttered dish. 15 minutes later, we had a masterpiece! I served it with powdered sugar and a drizzling of maple syrup. As it bakes, the batter spreads, puffs up over the sides and rises beautifully.

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